Recent Calls
Mon. Apr 2nd 2018
Shortly after 8pm, Monday evening, Engine 353 and Ambulance 359 responded to a report of a house fire w/people trap in the area of Copernicus Dr. and Galileo Ct. E-353 arrived on the scene and reporte...
Fri. Jan 5th 2018
Shortly before noon, E353 responded to the OL 495 north of Kenilworth for a report of a car on fire.
Sun. Sep 10th 2017
An accident at Greenbelt and Mandan this evening required multiple units from GVFD. A358 and A359 transported to local hospital.
Mon. Apr 24th 2017
On April 24th, shortly after 0930 am, Engine 353 responded to a reported apartment building fire in the 4700 block of Berwyn House Road in College Park. Units arrived on scene to find fire and smoking...
Wed. Dec 21st 2016
Shortly before 1 a.m. Wednesday morning, Engine 353 responded to a reported building fire in the 7800 block of Hanover Parkway (Greenbriar Condominiums). In addition, Chief 35 responded as Battalion C...
Company History

The Greenbelt Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad, Inc. was formed in 1955, but it's history stretches back to the years when Greenbelt was growing into the town that it is today. The following information gives detailed information on our history, the past chiefs and presidents that have given of their time and effort to help lead the GVFD to be the company it is today, and our piece of history that links us to the very beginnings of fire suppression in Greenbelt.

Please see the Early Years for more information!


1936 Paid Fire Department set up by Farm Security Administration
1936 1935 Ford Pumper purchased by federal government
1937 Fire box system installed in Greenbelt
October 1946 Greenbelt Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc. founded
November 1946 First ambulance purchased
July 1947 Three garages obtained for squad quarters
May 1948 Bingo first held
1953 Ladies Auxiliary founded
January 15, 1955 Greenbelt Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad, Inc. incorporated
September 1960 Fire Department building on Crescent Road completed


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